Design Productivity
1) General Calculators
   a) R_Reverse_Polish      Records all calculations details (under construction)
2) Common Calculations
   a) R_C_Freq Calculator   Given any two values, find the third value
   b) R_C_L_F  Calculator   Given any two values, find the last two values
3) Data Processing
   a) LOGLOG_GraphTable     Plots a table into a log graph
   b) RMS_COLUMNS           Finds the RMS of  columns of data
   c) HISTOGRAM_DATA        Create a table of Bins
   d) CREATE_Random_Data    Create a table Random Data
   e) CREATE RandomPWL      Create a the text for a random PWL file

Electronic Component Calculations
1) Induction Calculators
   a) Inductor_Air_Coil              Calculator
   b) Inductor_Iron_Coil             Calculator
   c) Inductor_Loop_                 Calculator
   d) Inductor_Spiral                Calculator
   e) Inductor_Wire                  Calculator
2) Transmission Line Calculators
   a) Coaxial_Transmission_Line      Calculator
   b) Twisted_Pair_Transmission_Line Calculator

IC Design Calculators
1) MOS Calculators
   a) CMOS_Oxide________Capacitance
   b) CMOS_Junction_____Capacitance
   c) CMOS______________Capacitance
   d) PN Junction_______Calculator
   e) MOS_______________Calculator
2) Bipolar Signal Calculators
   a) Diff_Stage_Signal_Capacity
   b) Bipolar_Offset____Calculator
   c) Bipolar_Noise_____Calculator
   d) Power_Summing_____Calculator

Format Conversion Calculators
1) Decimal to Hex or Binary
   a) Hex_Bin_Dec_Converter
   b) Hex <--> ASCII
   c) Char --> Bin/Hex/Binary
2) Floating Point Format
   a) FloatingPoint --> Hex
   b) 32BitHex -->FloatingPoint
   c) 64BitHex --> FloatingPoint
3) Other Formats
   a) Morse_Code_Converter
   b) dB<-->Ratio_Calculator
   c) Day_of_Week_Calculator

Other JavaScript
1) Electronic
   a) FFT_In Three Dimensions
2) Mathematical
   a) Factorials
   a) Fibonacci_Calculator
3) Web
   a) Web Example Templates